Dr. Dan Swartos

Executive Director

General administration of all SDHSAA activities • Activities and events requiring board actions • Financial matters • Eligibility interpretations • Investigations and disciplinary matters • Student insurance programs • Board meetings

Aaron Magnuson

Technology Director


Jo Auch

Assistant Executive Director

Administration of girls athletics • Interpretation of sports playing rules and policies • Equity • Sports officials licensing and education • Girls & Women in Sports Day

Cindy Bresee

Administrative Assistant

Girls athletics • Directory information • Annual eligibility reports • Athletic reservations • Girls & Women in Sports Day• School Board Resolutions • Board of Directors reservations • Academic Achievement Team Award

Dr. John Krogstrand

Assistant Executive Director

Administration of boys athletics • Interpretation of sports playing rules and policies • Coaches Clinic • Coaches education • Player/coach ejections • Athletic sanctions • Sportsmanship

Barb Haberling

Administrative Assistant

Boys athletics • Trophies & medals • Athletics video library • Region Chairpersons • Participation Survey • Rulebook orders • Yearbook publication • High school press passes

Brooks Bowman

Assistant Executive Director

Administration of fine arts activities • Interpretation of fine arts rules and regulations • State event tournament bands • State event halftime entertainment • Fine arts publications • Fine arts video library • Fine arts reservations

Marsha Karst

Administrative Assistant

Officials registration • Rules meetings/clinics/jamborees • Coaches rules meeting and exam requirements • Athletic Handbook publication

Ryan Mikkelsen

Finance Director

Accounting/Financials • Team expenses • Participation fees • E-Ticketing • Board of Directors/Amendment Ballots