Miller Rustlers

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1Payton Kilker5'4DS11
2Cynthia Ford5'7OH11
3Alvena Batin5'6S12
4Tyra Gates5'6S10
5Jaden Werdel5'7OH10
7Storm Johnsen5'10RH/MH12
8/22Macie Werdel5'6L/OH12
10Ally Mullaney5'10MH10
11Kathryn Aymar5'7RH/DS12
12Abbi Blake5'9RH/MH10
16/20Regan Deboer5'8OH12
Head Coach: Linda DeBoer
Asst. Coaches: Stephanie Dietterle and Janet Wetz
Managers: Callie Schlechter and Emily Gibson

Superintendent: Dr. Charlene Crosswait
Principal: Steve Schumacher
Ath. Director: Josh Haaland
Ath. Trainer:

School Colors: Green/White
School Song: Notre Dame Victory March