Sioux Falls Roosevelt Rough Riders

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4/1/2021Match vs SF WashingtonSF Washington High School4:00 PM CT
4/6/2021Triangular vs YanktonBrandon Valley High School1:30 PM CT
4/6/2021Triangular vs Brandon ValleyBrandon Valley High School4:00 PM CT
4/8/2021Match vs O'GormanSF McKennan Park10:00 AM CT
4/8/2021Match vs St. Thomas MoreSF McKennan Park12:00 PM CT
4/9/2021Match vs HarrisburgHarrisburg High School11:00 AM CT
4/13/2021Triangular vs MadisonSF Lincoln High School1:00 PM CT
4/13/2021Triangular vs SF LincolnSF Lincoln High School3:00 PM CT
4/17/2021Triangular vs RC StevensSF Kuehn Park11:00 AM CT
4/17/2021Triangular vs BrookingsSF Kuehn Park4:00 PM CT
4/19/2021Triangular vs WatertownAberdeen Roncalli High School12:30 PM CT
4/19/2021Triangular vs Aberdeen RoncalliAberdeen Roncalli High School3:00 PM CT
4/20/2021Match vs SF LincolnSF Lincoln High School4:00 PM CT
4/22/2021Match vs O'GormanSF Kuehn Park4:00 PM CT
4/26/2021Triangular vs LennoxBrandon Valley High School2:00 PM CT
4/26/2021Triangular vs Brandon ValleyBrandon Valley High School4:00 PM CT
4/27/2021Triangular vs Aberdeen CentralAberdeen 3:00 PM CT
4/27/2021Triangular vs Aberdeen RoncoliAberdeen12:00 PM CT
5/3/2021Match vs SF WashingtonSF Washington4:00 PM CT
5/4/2021Triangular vs MitchellHarrisburg High School11:00 AM CT
5/4/2021Triangular vs HarrisburgHarrisburg High School9:00 AM CT
5/8/2021Metro Conference TournamentSF McKennan Park9:00 AM CT
5/14/2021Invitational vs RC StevensRapid City, SD (Sioux Park)2:00 PM CT
5/14/2021Invitational vs RC ChristianRapid City, SD(Sioux Park)5:00 PM CT
5/15/2021Invitational vs St Thomas MoreRapid City, SD (Parkview)9:00 AM CT
5/15/2021Invitational vs RC CentralRapid City, SD (Parkview)12:00 PM CT
5/20/2021SDHSAA State TournamentSioux Falls, SDTBA
5/21/2021SDHSAA State TournamentSioux Falls, SDTBA
5/22/2021SDHSAA State TournamentSioux Falls, SDTBA