Aberdeen Roncalli Cavaliers

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4/6/2021HarrisburgHarrisburg - High School12:00 PM CT
4/6/2021SF ChristianHarrisburg - High School3:00 PM CT
4/10/2021Mitchell MS TourneyMitchell - Hitchcock Park10:00 AM CT
4/12/2021Brandon ValleyAberdeen - NSU Courts2:00 PM CT
4/12/2021SF O'GormanAberdeen - NSU Courts11:00 AM CT
4/13/2021BrookingsBrookings - Hillcrest Courts3:00 PM CT
4/13/2021MitchellBrookings - Hillcrest Courts12:00 PM CT
4/19/2021WatertownAberdeen - NSU Courts10:00 AM CT
4/19/2021SF RooseveltAberdeen - NSU Courts3:00 PM CT
4/20/2021LennoxHuron - High School1:30 PM CT
4/20/2021HuronHuron - High School4:00 PM CT
4/22/2021Rezatto Rumble - RC StevensAberdeen - NSU Courts1:00 PM CT
4/23/2021Rezatto Rumble - RC CentralAberdeen - NSU Courts1:00 PM CT
4/27/2021MilbankAberdeen - NSU Courts3:00 PM CT
4/27/2021SF RooseveltAberdeen - NSU Courts12:00 PM CT
4/29/2021RC Invite - RC StevensRapid City - Sioux Park3:00 PM MT
4/29/2021RC Invite - RC ChristianRapid City - Sioux Park5:30 PM MT
4/30/2021RC Invite - Dbls TourneyRapid City - Sioux Park12:00 PM MT
4/30/2021RC Invite - MitchellRapid City - Sioux Park9:00 AM MT
4/30/2021Watertown MS TourneyWatertown - Hitchcock Park10:00 AM CT
5/1/2021RC Invite - Sngls TourneyRapid City - Sioux Park8:00 AM MT
5/4/2021WatertownWatertown - Hitchcock Park4:00 PM CT
5/6/2021Abr. CentralAberdeen - NSU Courts2:00 PM CT
5/7/2021Pierre Invite - SF ChristianPierre - Griffin Park10:00 AM CT
5/7/2021Pierre Invite - Dbls TourneyPierre - Griffin Park2:30 PM CT
5/7/2021Pierre Invite - PierrePierre - Griffin Park12:00 PM CT
5/8/2021Pierre Invite - Sngls TourneyPierre - Griffin Park8:00 AM CT
5/10/2021MilbankMilbank - High School11:00 AM CT
5/10/2021LennoxMilbank - High School1:30 PM CT
5/17/2021State TournamentSioux FallsTBA
5/18/2021State TournamentSioux FallsTBA