Rapid City Christian Comets

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3/25/2021Dual vs Stevens (West River Invite)Sioux Park4:00 PM MT
3/26/2021Dual vs Spearfish (West River Invite) Sioux Park12:30 PM MT
3/26/2021Dual vs STM (West River Invite)Parkview Courts3:00 PM MT
3/27/2021Dual vs Aberdeen Central (West River Invite)Sioux Park9:00 PM MT
3/27/2021Dual vs Rapid City Central (West River Invite)Parkview Courts11:30 AM MT
4/6/2021Dual vs STMSioux Park4:00 PM MT
4/8/2021Duals vs GilletteGillette, WY2:30 PM MT
4/15/2021Dual vs SpearfishSioux Park4:00 PM MT
4/20/2021Dual vs STMParkview Courts4:00 PM MT
4/22/2021Dual vs Yankton Harrisburg12:30 PM CT
4/22/2021Dual vs LennoxHarrisburg10:00 AM CT
4/22/2021Dual vs HarrisburgHarrisburg3:00 PM CT
4/23/2021Dual vs SF Christian HarrisburgTBA
4/26/2021Dual vs Rapid City Central Parkview Courts4:00 PM MT
4/29/2021Dual for RC InviteSioux ParkTBA
4/30/2021RC InviteSioux Park12:00 PM MT
5/1/2021RC InviteSioux ParkTBA
5/4/2021Dual vs StevensSioux Park4:00 PM MT
5/6/2021Pierre InvitePierreTBA
5/7/2021Pierre InvitePierreTBA
5/8/2021Pierre InvitePierreTBA
5/10/2021Dual vs Rapid City Central Parkview Courts4:00 PM MT
5/11/2021Dual vs SpearfishSpearfish4:00 PM MT
5/14/2021East/West inviteSioux ParkTBA
5/15/2021East/West inviteSioux ParkTBA
5/17/2021State TournamentSioux FallsTBA
5/17/2021State TournamentSioux FallsTBA
5/18/2021State TournamentSioux FallsTBA