Mouse fursuit

Mouse fursuit

I was wondering... any realistic style fursuit makers wanna do a head trade...
Shiny Sneasler в Твиттере: "::looks at responses:: dude. HOW

Tarot Twitterissä: "yep" / Twitter

High Definition Rat by seanc -- Fur Affinity dot net

Rodent Fursuit Photoshoot--Rattus and Ziggy by.
Rodent Fursuit Photoshoot--Rattus and Ziggy - Weasyl

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Iris the Mouse by seanc -- Fur Affinity dot net

...What kind of fullsuit will we get to make for you?fursuit fursuitmaker f...
Varek ManeyFox (@VarekWolf) Twitter

Iv4o (@drink907) Twitter (@Beautyofthebass) — Twitter

Fursuit by @FursuitsByLacy.
Kyuko (@KyukoWolf) Twitter (@KyukoWolf) — Twitter

Pin on Fursuits.
Pin on Fursuits

Furry Latinoamérica в Твиттере: "Happy #FursuitFriday ! Can your heart handle this level of cuteness?!? (Fursuits property of @0 (@FurLatam) — Twitter

Commission piece.
Amp the Rat - Weasyl

I finished this suit in 2014, he lives in NL now, always nice to see him ;)...
JILLCOSTUMES בטוויטר: "Wow you guys still love Possum! I fin

My fursuit head was little too tight at first but my awesome maker.
Travis в Твиттере: "My fursuit head was little too tight at

Memento on Toyhouse

KnottiDotti no Twitter: "Tried on this bra, whatcha think? I

Roshiyu Rinomaru Rat by temperance on DeviantArt Cool Costumes, Furry Costu...
Pin by Ava Smith on Costumes Fursuit, Furry, Furry costume

“Violent J confirmed.
Tuaolo 🏳 🌈 on Twitter: "Violent J confirmed. This is the wil

Rat partial - Weasyl

Details in the comments A video will be up shortly. #fursuit #fursuitforsal...
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