Dakota Valley Panthers

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DateTimeOpponentLocationScoresW/L*Seed Pts.Opp. W-L
Aug 247:00 p.m. CT Sioux Falls Lincoln SF Lincoln(24-26) (25-15) (25-20) (20-25) (15-12)W4612-15
Aug 263:30 p.m. CT Madison Madison(25-13) (25-10) (22-25) (25-13)W5023-4
Aug 297:15 p.m. CT Tri-Valley Dakota Valley(25-5) (25-12) (25-11)W416-19
Aug 317:30 p.m. CT Elk Point-Jefferson Elk Point(25-19) (25-23) (25-23)W4715-11
Sep 077:15 p.m. CT Beresford Dakota Valley(25-21) (25-18) (25-15)W4412-14
Sep 098:30 a.m. CT Akron-Westfield, IA Le Mars, IA(21-10) (21-12)W4412-14
Sep 0910:30 p.m. CT Hinton, IA Le Mars, IA(21-16) (21-6)W4721-10
Sep 0911:30 a.m. CT Gehlen Catholic, IA Le Mars, IA(21-11) (21-15)W5024-6
Sep 09TBA LeMars, IA Le Mars, IA(22-20) (21-13)W4917-17
Sep 09TBA Sergeant Bluff-Luton, IA Le Mars, IA(20-22) (19-21)L3938-3
Sep 126:15 p.m. CT Alcester-Hudson Alcester(25-6) (25-15) (25-14)W4413-14
Sep 147:15 p.m. CT Canton Canton(25-12) (25-12) (25-13)W446-17
Sep 197:15 p.m. CT West Central West Central(25-16) (25-19) (25-20)W4714-13
Sep 217:00 p.m. CT Sioux Falls Christian N. Sioux City(23-25) (22-25) (25-27)L3926-4
Sep 2310:00 a.m. CT Tea Area Tri-Valley(25-17) (25-22)W4713-13
Sep 231:00 p.m. CT Elk Point-Jefferson Tri-Valley(25-19) (25-16)W4715-11
Sep 2310:00 a.m. CT Sisseton Tri-Valley(25-7) (25-9)W416-20
Sep 266:15 p.m. CT Bon Homme Tyndall(25-13) (25-10) (25-10)W414-23
Sep 285:30 p.m. CT Ponca, NE Ponca, NE(25-13) (23-25) (25-21)W5027-4
Sep 286:30 p.m. CT Pierce, NE Ponca, NE(25-21) (25-23)W4717-13
Oct 027:15 p.m. CT Dell Rapids Dakota Valley(25-12) (25-5) (25-16)W4718-9
Oct 107:30 p.m. CT Lennox Dakota Valley(25-16) (25-8) (25-10)W4411-15
Oct 149:00 a.m. CT West Central Madison(25-10) (25-17)W4714-13
Oct 14TBA Madison Dak XII-Madison(25-14) (25-16)W5023-4
Oct 144:30 p.m. CT Sioux Falls Christian Madison(25-18) (17-25) (20-25)L3926-4
Oct 207:15 p.m. CT Vermillion Dakota Valley(25-16) (25-12) (25-18)W447-18
Oct 237:15 p.m. CT Tea Area Tea(25-13) (25-20) (25-14)W4713-13
^ Match not included in school's win-loss record when calculating seed points average

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Seed Points Average

* Seed points awarded based on opponent's win percentage (opponent's wins divided by opponent's number of matches played):
Opp. Win Pct.
.750 and above
.500 - .749
.250 - .499
.249 and below
Pts. for Win
Pts. for Loss
  • Matches against non-varsity opponents do not count towards seed points
  • Two (2) points added for each match played against an opponent from one (1) classification higher
  • No points deducted for matches played against opponents from a lower classification