Webster Area Bearcats

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DateTimeOpponentLocationScoreW/L*Seed Pts.Opp. W-L
Dec 086:30 p.m. CT Redfield/Doland Webster53-48W4711-9
Dec 093:00 p.m. CT Warner Webster23-55L3917-3
Dec 163:30 p.m. CT Ipswich Ipswich31-55L3614-6
Dec 196:00 p.m. CT Waubay/Summit Webster36-50L3918-2
Dec 225:15 p.m. CT Milbank Milbank40-52L3610-10
Dec 291:30 p.m. CT Potter County Brookings-Swiftel Classic53-51W449-11
Jan 056:30 p.m. CT Deuel Clear Lake59-54W414-16
Jan 126:30 p.m. CT Britton-Hecla Webster60-33W411-19
Jan 166:30 p.m. CT Florence/Henry Florence35-57L3611-9
Jan 186:30 p.m. CT Clark/Willow Lake Willow Lake51-60L339-11
Jan 256:00 p.m. CT Aberdeen Roncalli Webster31-65L3917-3
Jan 296:15 p.m. CT Waverly-South Shore Waverly36-48L3918-2
Feb 016:00 p.m. CT Hamlin Hamlin Ed Center45-79L3918-2
Feb 0312:30 p.m. CT Elk Point-Jefferson Madison32-44L339-11
Feb 066:00 p.m. CT Northwestern Mellette33-53L339-11
Feb 086:00 p.m. CT Sisseton Sisseton55-47W445-14
Feb 101:00 p.m. CT Leola/Frederick Area Webster70-54W4711-9
Feb 126:15 p.m. CT Wilmot Wilmot53-63L339-11
Feb 136:30 p.m. CT Groton Area Webster28-39L337-13
Feb 156:30 p.m. CT Tiospa Zina Agency Village52-44W449-11
^ Game not included in school's win-loss record

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Seed Points Average

* Seed points awarded based on opponent's win percentage (opponent's wins divided by opponent's number of games played):
Opp. Win Pct.
.750 and above
.500 - .749
.250 - .499
.249 and below
Pts. for Win
Pts. for Loss
  • Games against non-varsity opponents do not count towards seed points
  • Two (2) points added for each game played against an opponent from one (1) classification higher
  • No points deducted for games played against opponents from a lower classification