Tripp-Delmont/Armour Nighthawks

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DateTimeOpponentLocationScoreW/L*Seed Pts.Opp. W-L
Dec 097:30 p.m. CT Menno Menno35-44L361-1
Dec 126:30 p.m. CT Parkston Parkston50-52 OTL382-1
Dec 147:30 p.m. CT Sanborn Central/Woonsocket Woonsocket49-63L392-0
Dec 197:30 p.m. CT Freeman Academy/Marion Tripp    
Jan 056:30 p.m. CT Scotland Scotland    
Jan 066:00 p.m. CT Kimball/White Lake Armour    
Jan 097:30 p.m. CT Andes Central/Dakota Christian Armour    
Jan 126:30 p.m. CT Platte-Geddes Armour    
Jan 167:30 p.m. CT Bon Homme Tripp    
Jan 187:30 p.m. CT Mitchell Christian Tripp    
Jan 202:00 p.m. CT Gayville-Volin Gayville    
Jan 236:15 p.m. CT Centerville Centerville    
Jan 267:30 p.m. CT Burke/South Central Armour    
Feb 024:00 p.m. CT Marty Marty    
Feb 036:00 p.m. CT Freeman Tripp    
Feb 065:00 p.m. CT Wagner Wagner    
Feb 106:15 p.m. CT Avon Avon    
Feb 136:30 p.m. CT Corsica-Stickney Armour    
Feb 165:30 p.m. CT Ethan Mitchell-Corn Palace    
Feb 236:30 p.m. CT Colome Armour    
^ Game not included in school's win-loss record

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Seed Points Average

* Seed points awarded based on opponent's win percentage (opponent's wins divided by opponent's number of games played):
Opp. Win Pct.
.750 and above
.500 - .749
.250 - .499
.249 and below
Pts. for Win
Pts. for Loss
  • Games against non-varsity opponents do not count towards seed points
  • Two (2) points added for each game played against an opponent from one (1) classification higher
  • Three (3) points added for each game played against an opponent from two (2) classifications higher